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Today on The Corepreneur Podcast we have Danielle K. Roberts, a finance expert, and insurance and medicare entrepreneur who is featured frequently in the news and media and who will help you take a few keys steps to become financially fit.

The reality is, the more you make, the more you can give, so having a healthy mindset around making a lot of money is a good thing. Giving out of overflow and not from deficit is key.

Even successful female entrepreneurs who could have made it past the magical seven-figure mark could still be bootstrapping years later because they don’t pay enough attention to their finances. Maybe you feel stuck in some areas as an entrepreneur or wish you had some new strategies to impact your bottom line? If that’s the case, then today’s show is for you.

Danielle and I will be sharing some key topics that can help you prevent one of the biggest areas of failure in business: finances. Her unmatched expertise in the Medicare industry has led to many guest appearances and speaking opportunities. Her mission is to help boomers transition into Medicare and to flourish in their retirement years.

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“Money is faster than time.” – Danielle Roberts

Show Notes:

  • Why a support group is so important for entrepreneurs to have
  • The challenge of providing benefits to your employees as a small business
  • How to maximize the net growth of your business
  • What is at the center of Danielle Roberts’ business model
  • Why it never pays to choose the cheap option in business
  • Why you shouldn’t partner with strangers in business
  • When to open a bank account for your business

“No one in your business is going to work as hard on your business as you.” – Danielle Roberts

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“There’s gotta be more to getting up and going to work every day than just what is my pay check going to be at the end of this month.” – Danielle Roberts

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