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We are interviewing today's top recognized "entrepreneurial executives" who get the impossible done in record time and enjoy life in the process. If you engage and lead teams with passion and unique vision and avoid burnout by tapping in to something greater, then we want to hear from you. Our Corepreneurs harness their C-O-R-E power, meaning they stay 'centered, open, resilient and energized'. They know when red flags signal them to rest and when the winds tell them to set sail.  We work in an age of bombardment on all sides. We were never meant to fight against the supercomputer or AI technology or stay connected 24/7/365.  As a result, burnout is at an all time high and billions of dollars are spent on stress related illness, including auto-immune disease, and time lost from work. But great leaders know how to disconnect and re-calibrate. We'll gather their success secrets here.

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Chief Medical Officer, SVP and Head of Global Medical Affairs, IPSEN

Anne is a master executive consultant. She helped redesign our entire Global Medical Affairs Services organization and created operational plans for each department. We saved time and hundreds of thousands of dollars going to an expert. Anne is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend.

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